Triton Barriers

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  • The Triton Barrier is a life-saving road safety product that provides energy-absorbing protection for pedestrians, road workers and motorists.

    Constructed of highly-durable polyethylene, the portable barrier sections are filled on site with water to absorb collision energy - redirecting vehicles away from work crews and minimising damage to cars and their occupants. The Triton comes in three specifications for 50, 70 and 100km/h road zones. All three products have been successfully crash tested under AS/NZS3845-1999.

    The TL-0 is extremely lightweight and portable and is ideal as a temporary barrier on roadway construction zones. It not only forms an approved longitudinal barrier for speed zones of up to 50 km/h, but is certified as its own end treatment. Triton TL-0 sections are manufactured in highly-visible red and yellow tones. The product`s recyclable shell resists cracking, breakage and corrosion under harsh environmental conditions.

    The TL0 sections are easily joined by a steel pin and a steel cable. The steel cable, placed along a recess in the top of the section of the TLO connects the system and resists the tensile forces generated during high severity impacts.

    The Triton TL-2 is easy to install, utilising a series of 2 metre modular segments interlocked by a steel cable and pin. The TL-2 Triton is designed for 70km/h road zones and offers extra strength with an integral steel frame moulded into the barrier to ensure positive crashworthy protection.

    The TL-2 can easily be upgraded to 100 km/h protection with the TL-3 Pedestal Kit.

    The Triton Barrier TL-3 System provides an improved and more permanent method for upgrading existing Triton Barriers to NCHRP 350, Test Level 3.

    Designed for 100 km/h zones, the Triton TL-3 transports easily from site to site for fast deployment without the use of cranes or heavy equipment. It is so easy to install that a three-person crew can deploy over 183m in just one hour. The bright white and orange sections provide superior visibility for motorists.

    The Triton TL-3 features a new pedestal system that easily attaches to the existing barrier. After stacking the Triton barrier on top of two new TL-3 pedestals, a retaining strap attaches each pedestal to the barrier, creating a single, more permanent unit.

    The Triton`s modular design allows for use in varied lengths for both straight and curved applications. The Triton is also ideal for events such as cycle road races, triathlons and other sporting activities. The product is effective in all climatic and weather conditions.

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