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Welcome to Applied Information’s Video Learning Academy! The Academy (powered by uQualio) is a treasure trove of expertise, an all-encompassing repository of categorized videos that capture the essence of our technology solutions. We understand that product knowledge is the key to building confidence and inspiring trust, which is why we have meticulously curated this collection to empower you with the insights needed to maximize the use of our products.


First thing’s first – you need to gain access to our content. The good thing is, we host all our videos on a website-based platform, so, you can use your laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop computer’s browser to access the Academy whenever you want.

To access the Academy, you can either:

  1. Use this link: Why don’t you go ahead and bookmark it to make it easier to find?

  2. Go through the Help button on our Glance platform. It’s directly linked to the Academy, so, if you need some help navigating Glance or understanding something, you can just go directly to the Academy without hassle.

DOCUMENT YOUR ACHIEVEMENT... Each course is accompanied by a quiz, which you can take at the end to test your newfound knowledge. Once completed, you will receive a certificate that you can use to show that you have completed the course, or, use to earn IMSA Continuing Education Credits! Learn how to save your certificate: content/uploads/2023/07/How-To-Save-Your-IMSA-Course-Completion- Certificate.pdf

DIRECT ACCESS TO ACADEMY SUPPORT... If you don’t have access to any of the courses outlined in this document, have questions, or would like to make a request or suggestion, then you can contact Applied Information’s Content Coordinator, Lewis Mudzamba, directly on his email (, and he’ll assist you as quickly as possible!

How To Use and Access Our Video Learning Academy
Download PDF • 133KB

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