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Road Safety Products

Keeping Australians Safe on our Roads

Speedcheck 12

Speedcheck 12 - hero image -2_edited_edi

Fully Compliant, Ultra-clear Display

Long-lasting, Reliable Operation

Easy Installation and Connectivity

Calendar/schedule operation

Data collection with visualization and reporting software

Mobile app for iOS® and AndroidTM

Rapid-flashing strobe

Stealth mode

On-board diagnostic status and health indicators

3-year warranty

Speedcheck Trailer

Speedcheck Trailer .png

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Simple dual mode toggle switch enabling fast change of two pre-set speed limits.

40w Solar Panel

12 Volt 70ah deep cell battery

Wind down Trailer Signage

LED Tail lights

13” Wheels

Class 1 Reflective tape

Speedcheck 15

Speedcheck  .png

Speed Advisory Sign


Low-cost Solution

Curbing Speed

Programmable smart technology
Bluetooth connection
Solar powered

Data Logger

Travel Safely App

Travel Safely App Boylan. png

Emergency Vehicle getting through the signal

Pedestrian crossing detection

Where is the emergency vehicle coming from?

Motorist - Cyclist communication

Motorist - Pedestrian communication

Rear end collision warning

VIrtual/advance traffic detectors

School Zones

Red - light running at traffic signals 

Curve warning/reduce speed

Bus/transit priority

Emergency Vehicle Preemption System

Preemption System -2.png

Green Light path to Emergency Vehicles

GPS and Cellular communication for Advanced Green Lights

Glance Connectivity Vehicle Pre-Emption

Automatically Requests Green Lights when Lights and Sirens are On

Kilometres of Range with this Cellular Technology

Smart City Solutions 

Green Light path for Emergency Services Vehicles that are on route to critical incidents

Simple Install

Workzone Radar

Workzone Radar .png




Workzone safety solution

Data recording
Outstanding Innovation

Design Excellence

USB data transfer

Houston Radar Armadillo Tracker

Armadillo Tracker. png

Ultra - Low Power Consumption

Captures Real Time


Beeper to indicate passing vehicles

Optional GPS

Certified for license free worldwide operation

5W solar panel

Windows Traffic Statistics

iOS app available 

*Stats analyzer and Tetryon Cloud Server Software Included 

Houston Radar Stats Analyzer

Armadillo TrackerStats analyser  -3.png

Configuration and Reporting Software

Analysis Summary

Detailed Histogram

Interval reports for periods of 1-minute up to Monthly

Interactive charts and graphs

Product-specific filters for direction, lane, size class, and intervals

Diagnostics for battery status, power supply, and temperature conditions

GPS map

Houston Radar Tetryon Cloud Server

Houston Radar’s Tetryon Cloud Server-2.png

Tetryon Cloud Server Software

Capture still from the SpeedLane Pro's built-in HD camera

Recover up to three months’ collected data from radar’s internal memory in the event of communication outage

Dashboard summary view provides simple, one-page layout of the live updated speed and status of multiple radars

Map view provides live updated speed and status of multiple radars on Google satellite maps

SpeedLane Pro

speedlane pro.png

World’s lowest power usage, highly integrated multi-lane traffic measurement radar

Mounts on the side of the road for non-intrusive traffic data collection and works in all weather and lighting conditions.

Lane-by-lane vehicle counts

Simultaneously measures all vehicles in 16 user-defined lanes

Android smartphone and tablet app for setup

camera view ease field setup and maintenance.

Kelken Removable Anchors

Kelken removable Anchors Keligrout - Hero image -3.png

Clamping force is applied by the free spinning nut and removal is made with an impact wrench in reverse on the welded nut.

Useful for : Precast Barriers, Timbers, Concrete forming applicators, Machinery, Steel plates

Approved worldwide



Gobo Trailer

Gobo Trailer

Night use only 

Application to display 6 different images

Gathers Live Data

In Conjunction with our speed check sign, when a motorist is travelling above speed limit for that workzone an image of the speed limit will be displayed on the road infant of them to drive over

Keeping Australians Safe on our Roads 

Arrow Boards for Utes

Arrow Board B size .png

Cabinet Size:750(H)x1500(W)

LED cluster quantity: 15 clusters

Single side

Cluster diameter : 100mm

Voltage : 12~28VDC

Enclosure material : Aluminum

Color : Powder coated, matte black

Handheld Controller Included

Power and Signal Cable: 7.5meter

VMS & Arrow boards for Utes & Trucks 


Display specification type A UVMS (head unit only)

Display specification type B UVMS (head unit only)

LED information for type A & B UVMS

Power information for type A & B UVMS

Cabinet information for type A & B UVMS

Display specification type C Arrow Board (FAS 5 APPROVED)

5 colour VMS

5 colour VMS.png

Speed Advisory Sign


Low-cost Solution

Curbing Speed

Programmable smart technology
Bluetooth connection
Solar powered

Data Logger

Boylan Arrow Board & Controller 

Boylan Group Arrow Board.png

Easy to operate and maintain

Austo-Dimming and Manual Brightness control

Flash rate on 45-50 per minute or as per request

Compact and multifuncrional integrated controller

Screen controller with display patterns

MUTCD Compliant

Controller Display Area 2000mm x 1200mm

Arrow Board Controller - Pixel 100 x 60

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