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Who We Are

Boylan Group recognised for safety solutions

Boylan Group is Australia’s leading supplier for innovative technological advancements, specialising in Road Safety, founded in 2008. It is our up most priority to ensure safer roads in Australia.

The Boylan Team are delighted to be able to offer additional services and products. Whether you are searching for Smart City technologies,  Data Gathering for traffic, Reducing speeding in Work Zones & School Zones, Message Boards.


Through Research and Development we have entreprenerd new products through innovation these include AI’s Glance Travel Safety, The Glance Preemption and Priority System.    

Safety first signage  - Boylan .png

Our Mission

"If we are not saving lives, we are costing lives" Peter Boylan

Our Mission at the Boylan Group is providing safety for Australian Roads nationwide by helping improve and innovate ways of keeping motorists and people in the workforce safe by building a better and safer future for everyone.

Core Values


Striving to save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads.


Prospering in Australia’s need for road and workzone safety


Providing durable safety products and related technologies


Passion in building a better and safer future

Our Partners

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