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If we are not taking every opportunity to save lives, we are costing lives.

Making Australian Roads Safer 

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Why Choose Boylan Group


Striving to save lives and prevent serious injuries on the roads. 


Providing durable safety products and related technologies 


Prospering in Australia's need for road and work zone safety


Passion in building a better and safer future

About Us

Peter Boylan

Road & Work Zone Safety Equipment

In support of our layered approach to road and work zone safety, the Boylan Team are delighted to be able to offer additional services and products. Whether you are searching for  Pre-Emption for Emergency Service Vehicles, Flood Monitoring, Travel Safely App, Reducing Speeding in School Zones, Reducing Speeding in Work Zones, Speed Check Signs, Radar Activated Safety Signs, Gathering Data for Traffic, Reusable Anchors and Grout, Arrow Boards, Message Boards, Work Zone Radars, Latest R&D, you have come to the right place!

Peter Boylan


The people, places and providers working to support your cities’ livability, workability and sustainability through innovation and technology.

Together, we are leading the ways in which data, innovation and technology can accelerate development goals to deliver better places to generations of tomorrow.


The Possibilities Are Endless

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